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Medical Association (1965-67) in Hanover, Germany, by Ernst Friedrich Brockmann

Primary School (1926-28) in Celle, Germany, by Otto Haesler


Amrein HerzigMühlestrasse house, Edlibach 2013.


Whiting Architects take a holistic approach to the entire design process for their project The Pod


Incineration Line | Erick van Egeraat | Tim Van de Velde | Via

The plant will incinerate waste, from nine surrounding municipalities and from many places abroad to produce electricity and heat power for the whole region of Roskilde. To provide the huge new incinerator line, planned in a relatively flat landscape and next to the relatively small city of Roskilde with a suitable appearance, an international design competition was organized. In 2008 the jury unanimously selected the design proposed by Erick van Egeraat. The design presents an iconic expression for the otherwise functional architecture of the local waste management company Kara/Noveren’s next generation incineration line. The façade consists of two layers: the inner layer is the skin which provides the actual climatic barrier, allowing the second skin to be treated more freely – raw umber-coloured aluminium plates with an irregular pattern of laser cut circular holes. The aluminium plates are treated to give them the desired colour and patina at day time. At night, the programmable lighting, installed between the two facades, gives the building an additional metaphor.


Rintala Eggertson Architects, Lookout Points, Seljord, Norway, 2011

"The myth about a sea serpent in the lake of Seljord has become an integral part of how the local people of Telemark conceive its majestic landscape. Tales about mysterious phenomena in the lake have flourished for centuries and are a natural part of the daily life in the area."


Artist’s residence in Northern Italy

(modus architects)


wohnhaus eines architekten, helsingör, dänemark, 1952 @ seals


Robert McKinely’s Ch charisma design